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    About us

    A digital marketplace for the African Diaspora, TEECANVA provides creative artists with the opportunity to design and sell African-inspired clothing brands via eCommerce. We also pride ourselves as one place to shop while celebrating your roots.

    Our Products

    You'll find everything from a work-from-home collection to a casual urban t-shirt collection to children's t-shirts, hoodies, and designs remembering and celebrating African celebrations on all our online channels.


    Our mission is to establish a clothing brand that reflects the African Diaspora's rich diversity.


    Our vision is to create a global fashion marketplace for citizens of the African Diaspora and those interested in experiencing the culture and diversity of African communities worldwide.

    Our Commitment

    To establish a trustworthy, transparent, and honest brand with both online and brick-and-mortar customers.


    Driven by T-shirt coffee.